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Name Position Period
Hamed Khakzad Ph.D. student 2015-2019
George Rosenberger Ph.D. student 2012-2016
Ă–mer Demirel HPC engineer 2014-2016
Rostyslav Kuzyakiv bioinformatics 2014-
Hannes Roest Ph.D. student 2010-2015
Lorenz Blum Software engineer 2011-2014
Emanuel Schmid Software engineer 2009-2014
Bela Hullar Software engineer 2011-2014
Lucia Espona Software engineer 2009-2014
Abdulla Kahraman Post-doc 2009-2013
Pedro Navarro Post-doc 2010-2013
Andreas Quandt Informatics specialist 2009-2012
Adam Srebniak Software engineer 2010-2013
Hendrik Weisser Ph.D. student 2009-2013
Witold Wolski Software engineer 2013-2014
Ke Li Master student 2013
Chris Bielow Visiting Ph.D. student 2010
Thomas Denecke Software engineer 2010
Hamid Taheri Software engineer 2009
Leila Pirhaji Visiting Scientist 2009


Student Title Abstract Type Date
Ke Li Inference of CMGC Kinase Interaction Network Topology Abstract MSc 2013-06-11
Hendrik Weisser A Software Pipeline for High-Throughput Quantification of Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomics Data: Applications to Streptococcus pyogenes Abstract PhD 2013-01-10
George Rosenberger Methods for detection and measurement of virulence factors of pathogenic bacteria Abstract MSc 2011-09-02
George Rosenberger Prediction of peptide observance in mass-spectrometry experiments Abstract Undergraduate research project 2010-05-25
Hannes Roest Measuring yeast kinase activity: Computational tools for generating SRM-assays to quantify phosphorylation states of proteins Abstract MSc 2010-04-26