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2010-10-11 Contributed a chapter to the Springer Protocols Methods in Molecular Biology series: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20835793 (twitter)
2010-09-22 Story on how GPS was born - http://on.ted.com/8aKZ! Also some thoughts on how good ideas come about. (twitter)
2010-09-17 TED organizer Chris Anderson compares the importance of youtube to the importance of Gutenbergs book press: http://on.ted.com/8Zfw (twitter)
2010-09-17 ETH is ranked at the 15th best institution in the world: http://t.co/Q2M0fcj (twitter)
2010-08-24 Successor to social networks? Games maybe: http://on.ted.com/8WDL . Building a 'game layer' on top of the world. (twitter)
2010-07-12 TV killing creativity? http://www.newsweek.com/2010/07/10/the-creativity-crisis.html (twitter)
2010-05-27 I love Ken's TED talks, he's an awesome speaker. His message is important but seems difficult to achieve: http://on.ted.com/8LtJ (twitter)
2010-05-26 Congrats to George for successfully finishing his Undergrad research project! http://lars.malmstroem.net/lab/george-rosenberger-urp.html (twitter)
2010-05-19 Congratulations to Hannes for successfully finishing his Masters! http://lars.malmstroem.net/lab/hannes-roest-msc.html (twitter)
2010-05-03 Daniel Pink on motivation - money is not everything: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/business/jan-june10/makingsense_04-15.html (twitter)
2010-04-27 Posted an F1000 evaluation of a study investigating the spread of antibiotic-resistant bugs: http://lars.malmstroem.net/science/f1000.html (twitter)
2010-04-23 Why business people shouldn't build bridges: http://on.ted.com/8HJ4 (twitter)
2010-04-18 I'm excited people are citing my papers: my h-index ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H-index ) just reached 11! Thanks! (twitter)
2010-04-12 Pedro Navarro started today. He is a post-doc and will be working on quantitative proteomics related problems. (twitter)
2010-04-12 Thomas Denecke joined the lab to work on a distributed computing project: http://lars.malmstroem.net/science/the-lab.html (twitter)
2010-04-07 Hannes Roest will join my lab as a Ph.D. student this summer. (twitter)
2010-02-22 Very true indeed! http://on.ted.com/89mF (twitter)
2010-02-12 Leila Pirhaji will join my lab as a Ph.D. student as soon as all visa issues are cleared! (twitter)
2010-02-03 Going to the Paul Scherrer Institute ( www.psi.ch ) to see if I can get access to their synchrotron. (twitter)
2010-01-20 In Sweden to see my family (twitter)
2010-01-18 Going to Geneva to present some research at the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (twitter)
2010-01-13 posted an f1000 evaluation: http://lars.malmstroem.net/science/f1000.html (twitter)
2010-01-08 ETH is ranked 4th in Europe: http://www.arwu.org/ARWU2009.jsp (twitter)
2010-01-03 Finished improving http://lars.malmstroem.net . Let me know what you think! (twitter)
2010-01-03 Signing up on twitter (twitter)
2009-12-02 Twitter I now have a twitter account, see above.
2009-11-06 Associated faculty member of f1000 I'm now a associated faculty member of the F1000
2009-07-20 Organizing JoiningForces The joining forces symposium is scheduled for November 20th, 2009
2009-06-03 Diatom biochemical pathways paper published . Deciphering diatom biochemical pathways via whole-cell proteomics was published in Aquat Microb Ecol.
2008-12-15 DXMS/de novo structure prediction paper accepted On the use of hydrogen/deuterium exchange mass spectrometry data to improve de novo protein structure prediction was accepted for publication in RCM
2008-11-08 DS-epimerase characterization paper accepted Identification of the active site of DS-epimerase 1 and requirement of N-glycosylation for enzyme function was accepted for publication in JBC
2008-09-15 Secreted glycoproteins paper accepted Identification of secreted glycoproteins of human prostate and bladder stromal cells by comparative quantitative proteomics. was accepted for publication in Prostate
2009-07-01 Software engineer hired Lucia Espona was hired to work on the Swiss grid portal
2009-02-01 Informatics specialist hired . Andreas Quandt was hired as informatics specialist and is responsible for the computational pipelines
2009-04-20 NEW POSITION! We're looking for a skilled computer programmer with experience from parallel computing and web portals for a 12 month project employment.
2008-09-01 New Job! New Country! I have a new job as a senior researcher (Oberassistent) in Ruedi Aebersolds group at the ETH in Zurich, Switzerland where I hope to build a research group in protein structure and mass spectrometry related bioinformatics.
2008-06-04 Poster presentation at ASMS Lars presented a poster, Spectral Clustering and LC-MS Alignment Increase Annotation Rate of Tandem Mass Spectra from Shotgun Proteomics Data at the 56th ASMS in Denver
2007-12-05 Phytoplankton proteome analysis manuscript submitted A manuscript describing the proteome analysis of a phytoplankton authored by Brook Nunn, Jocelyn Aker, Robert Strzepek, Theodore Freeman, Lars Malmstrom, Scott Shaffer and David Goodlett was submitted.
2007-09-25 The Baker groups CASP7 results published in Proteins Structure prediction for CASP7 targets using extensive all-atom refinement with Rosetta@home. was published in Proteins
2007-08-03 Oral presentation at RosettaCon. Lars will present his work on integrating MS derived data to improve de novo protein structure prediction.
2007-06-06 Oral presentation at ASMS. Lars presented DXMS combined with de novo protein structure prediction facilitates model selection at the ASMS conference in Indianapolis.
2007-06-04 Co-author on an oral presentation at ASMS. David Goodlett, Ph.D. presented Cross-linked Peptide Data Obtained by Ion Mobility used to Sort Correct/Incorrect in silico Protein Conformation Predictions at the ASMS conference in Indianapolis.
2007-03-20 Structure prediction for yeast published in PLoS Biology. Protein tertiary structures for the yeast S.cerevisiae genome was generated using the de novo protein structure method Rosetta. The article was published in PLoS Biology